To most people, news stories about serial killers are absolutely terrifying.

true crime quiz questions uk

Especially if the mass murderer had a modus operandi that somehow resonates with the reader, even hearing about a serial killer makes people imagine themselves or people the know as the victims, indeed a horrible thought in every way imaginable.

The following quiz is for people who prefer taking the second approach, researching and investigating the lives of serial killers to try and prevent others from going down their dark paths. For as long as crime has existed, there have been people interested in the subject for purely academic reasons. To this day, Charles Manson is perhaps the most infamous cult leader in American history, ever since he inspired his Manson Family to murder seven people in the late s.

Far from a bed and breakfast, his business was outfitted with countless implements of torture that would earn an especially low rating on Yelp. Who was he?

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Virtually any serial killer could become the subject of a terrifying horror film in the hands of the right writers and directors team, yet only a man as vicious as Ed Gein could be the inspiration for at least three. What set Gein apart from others was his sick obsession with human skin, the details of which are too disturbing for us to discuss here. That said, which of these movies had nothing to do with him? If you love true crime, chances are you've stumbled upon My Favorite Murder.

The fanbase, mostly made up of women, takes an interesting look at crime through a comedic lens, which helps to lessen the stress and anxiety of living in a world with real monsters. Do you know what it means? Playing such a horrible person won Theron an Academy Award, while also expanding the infamy of which vicious serial killer?

In the long and terrifying history of serial killers, only a very small number of criminals turned themselves in to law enforcement. By and large, they only did so after realizing they were about to get caught or due to sudden religious epiphanies urging their actions. All of the following names committed some pretty horrible crimes, but which one admitted it out of the blue?

True crime podcasts have been absolutely killing it pun definitely intended in listenership in the past few years and many people think it's due to the groundbreaking and amazingly compelling podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig. It even spawned a spoof musical podcast, another unheard of and innovative story, called Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me. Serial was an in depth look at the case of Hae Min Lee who was murdered in The podcast was investigated but sought to find evidence that Hae's ex boyfriend had been wrongly accused.

Do you remember his name? Serial killers who focus on younger victims can often have something going on in their personal lives that suggest an undue interest in children. The only thing more disturbing to the public than a serial killer on the loose is a dead body found with absolutely no explanation. Where was he found? After the murders, the former star sports entertainer also took his own life, leaving the world confounded to this day as to what drove him to his vicious actions.

Understandably, the wresting world rarely talks about this guy anymore, but true crime documentaries about him have covered the story at length many times over. Serial killers present society with great mysteries in their existence alone, and the still unidentified killer took things to a whole other level in this regard. Do you know which serial killer is associated with this symbol? Quite frankly, we can barely begin to recount the crimes of Albert Fish while remaining in the bounds of good taste.

What exactly Fish meant is unclear, but all anyone needs to know to take a guess is that he was later convicted of murderer and cannibalizing at least three children, making his boast terrifying even if exaggerated. One of the most gripping crimes of the s and rivaling the O. Simpson case in notoriety was the murder of child beauty pageant star Jonbenet Ramsey.

Countless documentaries, books, and articles have gone over the bizarre crime but a suspect has yet to be named since the family was initially cleared. Many true crime fans have their own theories ranging from the parents to her brother to members of a shadow illuminati organization. Anybody who has studied this case knows the players.Hosting a pub quiz can be daunting and often thankless task. The easiest way to keep participants on side is by lacing your home made quiz with some fun and quirky questions.

Find more fun pieces of trivia for your next pub quiz at freepubquiz. If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting from Wellington in New Zealand, which European country would you end up in?

What nickname was given to Rembrandt's The Night Watch after being over-restored in the s? The leader of which country has his face on all the joghurt pots, has named the month January after himself and banned ballet. News you can trust since Sign in Edit Account Sign Out.

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Please try again later. What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark? Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rd?

French artist Aquabouse paints cows with what material? In an Iowa judge dismissed a drink driving charge for what obscure reason?

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In which country are there six villages called Silly, 12 called Billy, and two called Pratt? Native to the Caribbean, what sort of animal is the mountain chicken? Which European country has verses to its national anthem?

What is the collective noun for a group of unicorns? What is the cross between a donkey and a zebra known as? What's On. Best In. Must Read. Advertise My Business.Capone's men killed eight people that day.

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He was known as the Green River Killer and netted at least 49 victims. He may have been responsible for hundreds of murders. He was known as the Son of Sam, and he killed six people. He was a nurse, and he claimed that he was relieving patients of suffering. They were finally freed after being accused of attacking the famous Central Park jogger. His high intelligence helped him elude capture for years. One message told the cops to catch him before he killed again.

He hoped the murders of Tate and her friends would spark a race war. None of the speculation ever ended with a conviction. She killed 11 family members, including four husbands. He was eventually hunted down and shot to death. He reportedly kissed and had conversations with the heads. He mailed homemade bombs to numerous people before being nabbed.

The government scrambled to find other ways to keep him locked up. He killed at least 12 people in the s and was never caught. Stripped of his bounty hunter badge, he became a hired mercenary and kept killing. His flamboyant and infamous career came to a boring end. People who used the nickname in his presence risked their lives. He was never apprehended, and no one knows his identity. Many of his victims were prostitutes in the Northwest United States.Here is the definitive testing ground that even the most insatiable true crime aficionados find challenging.

Which murderous duo is considered to be responsible for the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders?

true crime quiz questions uk

This quiz will show how serious are you about true crime. How about the Milwaukee North Side Strangler? Take this quiz to find out!

Test how much of a daredevil you are and take the true crime quiz, with 10 gory and sinister questions to be answered! A quiz bound to appeal to all horror enthusiasts. Test yourself now! The world of true crime is surrounded by many popular myths, but in at least 7 cases, the facts The Golden State Killer became infamous for having a twisted trait — taunting the authorities Despite much evidence to the contrary, a Ukrainian court ruled in that Anatoly Onoprienko was Born on November 24,Ted Bundy is considered one of the most prolific serial killers in the Not all psychopaths are killers or even criminals.

Everyone probably dated one in their life or Most horror movies are suspenseful enough on their own. However, there is one aspect that makes This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Editors' Picks. You may also like. Despite the fact that only 1 percent of the overall population qualifies as psychopaths, they Mortuary attending experience Did you know that John Wayne Gacy once worked as a mortuaryIn Julywho was acquitted of the Jill Dando murder and freed from prison?

The first and last names of the young English girl murdered by clerk Frederick Baker in gave us which well known three word expression? What name was given to the attempt to murder Prime Minister Lord Liverpool and his British cabinet in ?

Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed by police in in which American state? And can you give their last names? Inin West Yorkshire, who planned the kidnapping of her daughter Shannon to generate money from the publicity? What name was given to an illicit establishment that sold alcohol in the United States during the Prohibition era?

Inthe kidnapping of whose month-old child was dubbed the crime of the century? Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson changed his name once again in ; what is his new name?

Fred and Rose West's house, known as 'the House of Horrors', is in which street? What sort of accident did Johhn Darwin fake in to fraudulently claim life insurance? Which English boxer, bouncer, and actor was also known as 'The Guv'nor'? The Moorside. Which notorious prison was English novelist Charles Dickens' father sent to in for debt to a baker, when Dickens was 12?

InEnglish serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith was hanged for the slayings of three women, what did the case become known as? Versions of which famous painting were stolen from the Munich Museum in and the National Gallery in Oslo in ?

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Which drug smuggler published a best-selling autobiography called Mr Nice? What name is given to the fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors? And name the ex-NASDAQ non-executive chairman who defrauded investors out of an estimated 65 billion dollars with such a scheme?

In which years was the last execution in the UK?Consent and confidentiality News Back to main menu Crime info Understanding sex crimes Talking about abusive relationships What is hate crime? Are you safe online? Facts about child abuse I've had something stolen or damaged Violent crime - the facts Antisocial behaviour - what is it? How do I make safer choices? I'm worried about a friend - what can I do?

Reporting a crime What is compensation? How can I move on?

true crime quiz questions uk

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What is sexual exploitation? Back to Crime info Talking about abusive relationships Domestic violence explained Am I in an abusive relationship?

I'm being forced to marry someone I don't want to Have I brought shame on my family? They follow everything I do Back to Crime info What is hate crime? What is Islamophobia? Back to Crime info Are you safe online? Sexting - flirty or criminal? I'm being bullied online Someone is pretending to be me Someone is following everything I do Staying safe online Back to Crime info Facts about child abuse They keep hitting me I've been sexually abused What is female genital mutilation FGM?

It feels like they hate me They don't care about me Back to Crime info I've had something stolen or damaged My property has been damaged Something has been stolen from me Robbery My house has been burgled Back to Crime info Violent crime - the facts What is assault? Gangs and street violence Murder and manslaughter Back to Coping with crime The impact of crime My health is being affected How can crime affect school? How can crime affect my relationship with friends and family?

Back to Coping with crime How do I make safer choices? What is a safety plan?Ted Bundy would often wear a fake cast or an arm sling in order to get women to help him carry things to his car, where he would then hit them over the head.

John Wayne Gacy was known as "The Killer Clown" because he often hosted parties where he would dress up as his alter ego "Pogo the Clown. Season 1 looks into the murder case of Hae Min Lee and the investigation into her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the crime but protests his innocence. Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested by police after he attempted to assault and potentially murder Tracy Edwards. Edwards was able to escape Dahmer's apartment and managed to get the attention of a police car.

At the apartment, police found gruesome Polaroid photos of the bodies of Dahmer's victims and therefore had enough to arrest him on the spot. Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as "The Green River Killer," often revisited his dumping sites to have sex with the bodies until, quote, "the flies came. She was brutally murdered along with friends at their Beverly Hills home, while Polanski was in London. In Cold Blood tells the true story of the murders of the Clutter family.

While in prison, Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith had learned that the Clutter family kept a safe of money in their house, and thus devised a plan to steal the stash once they were released.

However, when they broke into the home, there was no such safe, and so they killed each of the four members of the Clutter family who happened to be home that night "in cold blood". This house was where Fred and Rose West brutally tortured and killed 12 victims between and The "house of horrors" has now been demolished. Steven Avery was incarcerated on a rape and attempted murder charge for 18 years before he was exonerated due to DNA testing.

He was later convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach, for which he is currently serving a life sentence. This sketch is of the The Zodiac Killer who murdered at least five people between the '60s and '70s. He captivated the media by sending coded messages to police and newspapers, which many experts could not crack.

The case remains unsolved. The image and answer in the final question have been updated a previous version of this post used an incorrect image.

true crime quiz questions uk

Posted on Feb 21, By offering them a lift. By feigning disability or injury. By pretending to be a salesman. The Night Stalker. The Killer Clown. The Highway Man. Adnan Syed. Amanda Knox. Steven Avery. One of his intended victims escaped and notified the police.

A neighbour complained about a foul smell coming from his apartment. He tried to solicit sex from an undercover officer. Embalm them. Have sex with them. Dismember them. James Cameron.

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